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Router Transformation

How to remove null records in informatica ?

Filter Transformation in informatica

While developing informatica mapping , you come across various informatica scenarios where you need to skip null records while loading data. In other words you want to remove null records in informatica . First transformation comes to your mind will be filter transformation . But you may not be sure how to use filter transformation to […]

Difference between filter and Router Transformation

filter transformation vs router Transformation

Difference between filter and Router Transformation : We talked about filter transformation  and router transformation in Informatica in details. We checked the scenarios where to add those transformation  and how to add them. Here we will about difference between  filter and  router transformation in Informatica or in other word difference between router and filter transformation in Informatica. This is commonly asked Informatica interview question as well. Check […]

Informatica Router transformation example

Router Transformation informatica

Informatica Router transformation example : Earlier , we learnt about the Router transformation in informatica in Informatica , steps to create it , configuring the port and properties. We also discussed the business scenario of Router Transformation in Informatica. Lets see a working Example of Router Transformation in Informatica mapping Check here for filter transformation example in informatica Informatica Router transformation example : Problem Statement : Create a […]

Router Transformation in Informatica with Example

Router Transformation informatica

Router Transformation in Informatica, is a connected and active transformation which let you to transfer data to multiple target depending upon the different condition. Filter transformation rejects the row which don’t satisfy its condition whereas Router Transformation allows you to pass the failed data to some default target as well. In below article we will go through the properties of Router Transformation. We will […]

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