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update without update strategy in informatica

Update Strategy Transformation

Update without update strategy in informatica : Last time we went through update strategy transformation in informatica with example. Update Strategy transformation let you insert, update , delete data on target side . It can also reject the incoming data depending upon your condition . But one question arise , can we update without update strategy in informatica ? […]

Memory allocation for lookup caches in partitioned session

Dynamic Cache Lookup in informatica

Lookup transformation is the most commonly used transformation in informatica . Earlier we discussed how we can increase the performance of lookup Transformation in informatica. We also discussed various Type of lookup Cache in informatica . In below article we will see how Memory allocation for lookup caches is done by informatica during partitioned session.   […]

How Java Transformation works in Informatica ?

Java Transformation in Informatica

How Java Transformation works in Informatica : Java transformation was added in Informatica powercenter 8.0 version. With introduction of Java transformation , Informatica provided a simple native programming interface to define transformation functionality with the Java programming language. We can use the Java transformation to quickly define simple or moderately complex transformation functionality without advanced knowledge of […]

Difference between filter and Router Transformation

filter transformation vs router Transformation

Difference between filter and Router Transformation : We talked about filter transformation  and router transformation in Informatica in details. We checked the scenarios where to add those transformation  and how to add them. Here we will about difference between  filter and  router transformation in Informatica or in other word difference between router and filter transformation in Informatica. This is commonly asked Informatica interview question as well. Check […]

Rank Transformation in Informatica with Example

Rank Transformation in Informatica

Rank Transformation in Informatica, is a connected and active transformation which select top/bottom rows of   input. It is something similar to Rank analytical data function or oracle. Only difference is that, it also filter out the remaining rows  (which are not a part of top/bottom threshold). In below article we will go through the properties of Rank Transformation. We will also discuss the steps […]

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