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System Global Area in Oracle Database

System Global Area

System Global Area in Oracle Database: In previous tutorial , we talked about the oracle database architecture in details. We also checked the importance of SGA (System Global Area in Oracle database) in the memory management part. In below tutorial , we will  go through the detailed explanation of System Global Area in Oracle Database. System […]

Oracle database architecture tutorial

Oracle database architecture

Oracle database architecture tutorial : Oracle is a RDBMS (a Relational Database Management System),  which uses Relational Data Model to store its database and SQL (commonly abbreviated as Structured Query Language) to process the stored data. Every oracle developer is keen to know about oracle database architecture and it most commonly asked oracle interview question. […]

sql sample database for practice

Here we are giving  SQL script to create “sql sample database for practice”. We have include SQL statement for important tables like emp/ dept and other improtant table . Table Structure : create table dept( deptno number(2,0), dname varchar2(14), loc varchar2(13), constraint pk_dept primary key (deptno) ); create table emp( empno number(4,0), ename varchar2(10), job […]

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