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Fibonacci series in Informatica : Informatica Scenario question

Expression Transformation sign

Fibonacci series in Informatica :  Continuing with our series of informatica scenario based interview question , in this article we will see how to implement Fibonacci series in informatica . I believe you must have already designed this program in native language like C++ or Java . What is Fibonacci Series ? The Fibonacci sequence is […]

How Java Transformation works in Informatica ?

Java Transformation in Informatica

How Java Transformation works in Informatica : Java transformation was added in Informatica powercenter 8.0 version. With introduction of Java transformation , Informatica provided a simple native programming interface to define transformation functionality with the Java programming language. We can use the Java transformation to quickly define simple or moderately complex transformation functionality without advanced knowledge of […]

Aggregator Transformation in Informatica Without group by

Aggregator Transformation image

Aggregator Transformation in Informatica Without group by : Earlier, we learnt about the Aggregator transformation in Informatica , steps to create it , configuring the port and properties.  We also saw one Example of aggregator Transformation in Informatica mapping .In that example we marked DEPT port as group by port and all calculation was done on group of dept no. Here comes one […]

Example of XML Target in Informatica


Example of XML Target in Informatica : In our last tutorial , we learnt about the XML file Source Definition in Informatica , steps to create via going through source analyzer tool, configuring the port and properties. In below tutorial , we will cover “How to create XML target in Informatica mapping“. We will first discuss the steps of defining XML Target  definition in […]

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