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Informatica Sorter Transformation properties in details

Sorter Transformation Port configuration in Informatica

Informatica Sorter Transformation properties. Last time, we started with introduction of sorter transformation in informatica. We covered basic of Informatica Sorter Transformation properties. We also saw how to add sorter transformation in informatica. We checked why sorter transformation is active Transformation. In this article, we will go through Informatica Sorter Transformation properties in more details. Informatica Sorter Transformation […]

Default OS Ports in Informatica


Ports in Informatica. Before installing informatica powercenter, you need to ask your administrator to open some specific ports ranges. In this article, we will discuss about different type of ports used in informatica powercenter server. Why do you need to know about ports in Informatica? You need to ask network admin while installing informatica powercenter. […]

update without update strategy in informatica

Update Strategy Transformation

Update without update strategy in informatica : Last time we went through update strategy transformation in informatica with example. Update Strategy transformation let you insert, update , delete data on target side . It can also reject the incoming data depending upon your condition . But one question arise , can we update without update strategy in informatica ? […]

Informatica PowerCenter Integration Service Architecture

Informatica Integeration Service

Informatica Integration Service . While discussing Informatica Architecture , we also went through various informatica services involved .Out of them most important one is Informatica Integration Service . Informatica Integration Service  is created while installing the Power Centre on the server.After creation of Integration service we use Administration console to mange the Integration Services. In below article […]

Memory allocation for lookup caches in partitioned session

Dynamic Cache Lookup in informatica

Lookup transformation is the most commonly used transformation in informatica . Earlier we discussed how we can increase the performance of lookup Transformation in informatica. We also discussed various Type of lookup Cache in informatica . In below article we will see how Memory allocation for lookup caches is done by informatica during partitioned session.   […]

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