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Replacing NULL Value with prev col value in informatica

Informatica scenarios

Expression transformation scenarios : We will be ending this weekend with another illustrative informatica scenario based question. We will see how to use expression transformation in informatica to solve complex scenarios we faced in our work. We just need to play with expression of each port and it will be surely help in building your informatica […]

Fibonacci series in Informatica : Informatica Scenario question

Expression Transformation sign

Fibonacci series in Informatica :  Continuing with our series of informatica scenario based interview question , in this article we will see how to implement Fibonacci series in informatica . I believe you must have already designed this program in native language like C++ or Java . What is Fibonacci Series ? The Fibonacci sequence is […]

How to remove null records in informatica ?

Filter Transformation in informatica

While developing informatica mapping , you come across various informatica scenarios where you need to skip null records while loading data. In other words you want to remove null records in informatica . First transformation comes to your mind will be filter transformation . But you may not be sure how to use filter transformation to […]

SCD type 3 in informatica mapping with example

SCD Type 3

In last tutorial , we talked about  Slowly Changing  Dimension Type 3  in Dataware house . We have gone through the several examples of SCD Type 3 their advantages and disadvantages as well. In below tutorial ,we will implement SCD Type 3 (Slowly Changing Dimension Type 2) in Informatica mapping. In below example we will talk […]

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