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Data warehouse

Role Playing Dimension in Data warehouse with Example

Role Playing Dimension in data warehouse

Continuing with our tutorial on Type of Dimension in data warehouse ,  we talked about to Conformed Dimension and Junk Dimension  and their importance in Data warehouse technology. In below article we will go through the Role Playing Dimension in data warehouse with some  example along with their .Hope you will enjoy this small data warehouse tutorial. […]

Degenerate dimension in Data warehouse with Example

Degenerate Dimensions in data warehouse

A degenerate dimension is a dimension which is derived from the fact table and doesn’t have its own dimension table. In below article we will discuss degenerate dimension in details. Kimball definition of Degenerate Dimension According to Ralph Kimball, in a data warehouse, a degenerate dimension is a dimension key in the fact table that does not […]

Junk dimension in Data warehouse with Example

Junk Dimensions in data warehouse

Junk dimension are dimensions that contain miscellaneous data such as flags and indicators.  When designing a data warehouse, you might come across a source system that has a bunch of yes/no indicator fields. In below article we will discuss junk dimension in details. Check here for Degenerate Dimension in Data warehouse What is Junk Dimension ? When developing […]

Conformed dimension in Datawarehouse with Example


A conformed dimension is a set of data attributes that have been physically implemented in multiple database tables using the same structure, attributes, domain values, definitions and concepts in each implementation. In below article we will discuss conformed dimension in details. Conformed Dimension Kimball definition Dimension tables conform when attributes in separate dimension tables have the same […]

Difference between OLTP Vs OLAP system


OLTP Vs OLAP : Discussion about difference between OLTP vs OLAP system. OLTP is operational system where as OLAP is analytical system. OLTP OLTP stands for Online Transaction Processing ,which typically involves the operational DATA involving the fast query processing, data updation . It basically holds the application data which is necessary to run our business. […]

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