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Informatica powercenter workflow Monitor| Informatica tutorial

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Informatica powercenter workflow Monitor. Last time we discussed about Informatica powercenter workflow manager. We saw various tools where we can define task , workflow and worklet. Once we complete and run our workflow , then we need to monitor it. Informatica powercenter workflow monitor help us to monitor our session run.

Check here for Informatica Powercenter Client.

Use of Informatica powercenter workflow Monitor:

  • You can monitor workflows and tasks in the Workflow Monitor.
  • You can view details about a workflow or task in Gantt Chart view or Task view.
  • You can run, stop, abort, and resume workflows from the Workflow Monitor.
  • You can view sessions and workflow log events in the Workflow Monitor Log Viewer.

The Workflow Monitor displays workflows that have run at least once. The Workflow Monitor continuously receives information from the Integration Service and Repository Service. It also fetches information from the repository to display historic information.

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Windows in Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Monitor:

Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Monitor

Informatica PowerCenter Workflow Monitor

The Workflow Monitor consists of the following windows:

Navigator window. Displays monitored repositories, servers, and repositories objects.

Output window. Displays messages from the Integration Service and Repository Service.

Time window. Displays progress of workflow runs.

Gantt Chart view. Displays details about workflow runs in chronological format.

Task view. Displays details about workflow runs in a report format.

Views in Informatica Powercenter Workflow Monitor

There are two types of views available in Informatica workflow monitor

  1. Task view:
    Task view displays the workflow runs in report format, and it is organized by workflow runs. It provides a convenient approach to compare workflow runs and filter details of workflow runs.It shows workflow runlist, status message, node, start time, completion time.
  2. Gantt Chart View:In Gantt chart view, you can view chronological view of the workflow runs. Gantt chart displays the following information.
    • Task name – Name of the task in the workflow
    • Duration – The time taken to execute the task
    • Status – The most recent status of the task or workflow

Check here for Informatica Powercenter workflow manager.

Permissions and Privileges for Workflow Monitor

To use the Workflow Monitor, you must have one of the following sets of permissions and privileges:

  • Use Workflow Manager privilege with the execute permission on the folder.
  • Workflow Operator privilege with the read permission on the folder.
  • Super User privilege.

You must also have execute permission for connection objects to restart, resume, stop, or abort a workflow containing a session.

So in above article we have gone through details of Informatica powercenter workflow monitor.


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