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Informatica PowerCenter Designer

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Informatica PowerCenter Designer in Power Client. Earlier we discussed about Informatica Repository manager. We have Informatica PowerCenter Designer next to Repository Manager Repository TAB. We define sources, targets, mapping via Informatica PowerCenter Designer. In below article we will go through various component of Informatica PowerCenter Designer and their purpose.

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Windows in Informatica PowerCenter Designer.

Informatica PowerCenter Designer

Informatica PowerCenter Designer.

You can display the following windows in the Designer.

Navigator. Connect to repositories and open folders within the Navigator. You can also copy objects and create short cuts within the Navigator.

Workspace. Open different tools in this window to create and edit repository objects, such as sources, targets, mapplets, transformations, and mappings.

Output. View details about tasks you perform, such as saving your work or validating a mapping.

Tools in Informatica PowerCenter Designer

The Designer has the following tools that you use to analyse sources, design target schemas, and build source-to-target mappings.

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Source Analyzer.

  • You can click on Informatica Source Analyzer to open Source analyzer in Powercenter Designer.
  • You can Import or create source definitions via source analyzer.
  • You can also edit your existing source definition.

Target Designer.

  • You can click onInformatica Target Analyzer  to open Target Designer in Powercenter Designer.
  • You can Import or create target definitions via target analyzer.
  • You can also edit your existing Target definition.

Transformation Developer.

  • You can click on Informatica Transformation Developer to open Transformation Developer in Powercenter Designer.
  • You can develop customise transformations to use in mappings.
  • You can also develop user-defined functions to use in expressions.

Mapplet Designer.

  • You can click on Informatica Mapplet Designer to open Mapplet Designer in Powercenter Designer.
  • You can create sets of transformations to use in multiple mappings.

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Mapping Designer.

  • You can click on Informatica Mapping Designer to open Mapping Designer in Powercenter Designer.
  • Create mappings that the Integration Service uses to extract, transform, and load data.

So in above article we have gone through details of Informatica powercenter designer. We also discussed various component of Informatica designer.

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