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Default OS Ports in Informatica

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Ports in Informatica. Before installing informatica powercenter, you need to ask your administrator to open some specific ports ranges. In this article, we will discuss about different type of ports used in informatica powercenter server.

Ports in Informatica

Ports in Informatica

Why do you need to know about ports in Informatica?

  • You need to ask network admin while installing informatica powercenter.
  • You need to check if required port is already open while starting powercenter client.

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You can use below commands to verify port being used by various services.

netstat –p | grep service_name
netstat –p | grep pmrepagent
netstat –p | grep pmserver
netstat –p | grep pmdtm

Default OS Ports in Informatica

Below tables contains the list of ports to be used by Informatica Powercenter. We have also mentioned about the purpose of those ports and their default value.


Port Type Default Description
Domain port 6005 Port number used by the domain.
Service Managerport 6006 Port number used by the Service Manager on the node. The Service Manager listens for incoming connection requests on this port. Client applications use this port to communicate with the services in the domain. This is the port that the Informatica command line programs use to communicate to the domain. This is also the port for the SQL data service JDBC/ODBC driver.
Service Managershutdown port 6008 Port number that controls server shutdown for the domain Service Manager. The Service Manager listens for shutdown commands on this port.
Informatica Administrator port 6007 Port number used by the Administrator tool.
Informatica Administrator shutdown port 6009 Port number that controls server shutdown for the Administrator tool. The Administrator tool listens for shutdown commands on this port.
Range of ports for application services 6013 to 6113 Range of port numbers that can be assigned to the application service processes that run on the node. When you create an application service in the domain, the Service Manager assigns the first available port in this range to the service process. At a minimum, the number of ports in the range must be equal to the number of application service processes that will run on the node.

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Guidelines for Port Configuration

Use the following guidelines while defining ports for informatica.

  • The port number you specify for the domain and for each component in the domain must be unique.
  • The port number for the domain and domain components cannot be within the range of the port numbers that you specify for the application service processes.
  • The highest number in the range of port numbers that you specify must be at least three numbers higher than the lowest port number. For example, if the minimum port number in the range is 6400, the maximum port number must be at least 6403.
  • The port numbers that you specify for the domain, domain and node components, and application service processes cannot be lower than 1025 or higher than 65535.

I hope you enjoyed this article about the various ports in informatica powercenter.

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