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Informatica PowerCenter Integration Service Architecture

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Informatica Integration Service . While discussing Informatica Architecture , we also went through various informatica services involved .Out of them most important one is Informatica Integration Service . Informatica Integration Service  is created while installing the Power Centre on the server.After creation of Integration service we use Administration console to mange the Integration Services. In below article , we will go through the various component of Informatica integration services and how it work when we start Informatica workflow.

What is Informatica Integration service?

Informatica Integration service is the main controller which control the workflow execution.whenever we start workflow execution , It reads Workflow, Session/Task and Mapping information from Repository Database and performs the execution as per transformations defined. Integration services create one or more Integration services processes to manage Workflows.

Informatica Integration Service

Informatica Integration Service

Check here for Informatica architecture

Please note :

  • infasvcs is the command to start/stop Informatica integration services
  • Integration services create one or more Integration services processes to manage Workflows.

Informatica Intergration Service Process

Below are the various followed when we start an informatica workflow

  1. When we execute a workflow ,Integration Service receives a request and it spawns an Integration Service Process
  2. Whenever a workflow is scheduled or changed, Workflow Manager interacts with Integration Service Process. This interaction happens over TCP/IP.
  3. Informatica Integration Service process locks the Workflow and then connect to the Repository Service to get metadata about Workflow.
  4. Repository Service internally connects to Repository Database – fetches desired information – and gives it back to Integration Service process.
  5. Once Integration Service process receives metadata information back from Repository Service, it creates connections to Source and Target databases using ODBC or Native drivers.
  6. Integration Service process also creates connections to any lookup or stored procedure databases which are used by the mappings.
  7. Integration service process start DTM process that will actually execute Workflow Sessions.
  8. Integration Service process passes Parameter File and Session information to DTM process, that helps it to retrieve required metadata from the repository.
  9. Once the data loading process is done, Integration Service process releases and closes all open database connections.

To summaries our whole discussion ,Informatica Integration Service does all the real job. It extracts data from sources, processes it as per the business logic and loads data to targets.

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