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Informatica Mapplet Overview

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What is Informatica Mapplet : Informatica provided us the capability to combine the multiple transform in a single one (in form of Mapplet ) and use them in multiple Informatica mapping.Informatica Mapplet are created in Mapplet Designer. Mapplet can be defined as a set of transformations which can be reused in multiple mappings.

What is Informatica Mapplet

Informatica Mapplet

What is Informatica mapplet ?

Informatica Mapplet is the reusable object which is created with set of Informatica transformation (combined by some Logic), so that can it can be reuse in multiple mappings directly.It is created in Mapplet Designer in Informatica designer.

For example, if you have several fact tables that require a series of dimension keys, you can create a mapplet containing a series of Lookup transformations to find each dimension key. You can then use the mapplet in each fact table mapping, rather than recreate the same lookup logic in each mapping.

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Mapplets helps simplify mappings in the following ways:

  • Include source definitions: Use multiple source definitions and source qualifiers to provide source data for a mapping.
  • Accept data from sources in a mapping
  • Include multiple transformations: As many transformations as we need.
  • Pass data to multiple transformations: We can create a mapplet to feed data to multiple transformations. Each Output transformation in a mapplet represents one output group in a mapplet.
  • Contain unused ports: We do not have to connect all mapplet input and output ports in a mapping.

Component of  Informatica Mapplet:

Mapplet input:

We can give data to mapplet from source definetion or any other transformation via Input port of Mapplet.

Mapplet output:

Mapplet provides the ouput port , from which we can pass data from mapplet to the remaining part of Informatica Mapping

Mapplet ports

Mapplet ports display only in the Mapping Designer. Mapplet ports consist of input ports from Input transformations and output ports from Output transformations.

 Steps to Create Informatica Mapplet

  1. Go to Tools->mappletdesigner->create->give a name
  2. From transformation menu->create->mapplet input
  3. In  mapplet input transformation create required input ports
  4. Create required group of transformation  like sorter,expression
  5. Drag the ports from mapplet input to the transformation
  6. Create mapplet output transformation
  7. and finally save the mapplet in the repository

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Some Properties of Informatica Mapplet

  • Changing in Mapplet ,will affect all its related mapping where it is used, so its necessary to design it correctly before using it
  • Mapplets don’t have source/ target Definition .Data is transferred via input/output port only.

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We discussed about informatica mapplet , significance of it. We also discussed how to create Informatica Mapplet in Mapplet designer.

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