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Role Playing Dimension in Data warehouse with Example

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Continuing with our tutorial on Type of Dimension in data warehouse ,  we talked about to Conformed Dimension and Junk Dimension  and their importance in Data warehouse technology. In below article we will go through the Role Playing Dimension in data warehouse with some  example along with their .Hope you will enjoy this small data warehouse tutorial.

Role Playing Dimension Kimball definition

A single physical dimension can be referenced multiple times in a fact table, with each reference linking to a logically distinct role for the dimension.It is essential that each foreign key refers to a separate view of the date dimension so that the references are independent. These separate dimension views (with unique attribute column names) are called roles.

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What is Role Playing Dimension ?

A dimension is Role playing dimension , with multiple valid relationships between itself and another table . This is most commonly seen in dimensions such as Time and Customer.

For example :In below Order Fact Table  , it has multiple relationships to the Date dimension on the keys Order_date ,shipping_date. Now to handle this situation instead of creating two separate dimension table we can create two views of original date dimensions table one is Order_date_dim and another is ship_date_dim


Role Playing Dimension in data warehouse

Role Playing Dimension in data warehouse

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Importance of Role Playing Dimension

  • All the logic for a subject area is encapsulated in the one area (dimension).  This means that all cube dimensions (for examle date) that use the role playing dimension are consistent with the same definitions etc.
  • Additionally, less development time & less chance of errors
  • Less storage would be needed for roles of a single dimension than would be necessary for separate dimensions.

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So in above data warehhouse tutorial ,we have gone through some basic concept of Role Playing dimension , along with importance and its advantages.

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