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Informatica Mapping Overview – Components

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In Informatica, one of the famous ETL tool , we can design the transformation logic in Informatica Designer. This is saved as Informatica Mapping. Lets explore more about Informatica mapping in below article.

What is Informatica Mapping?

A mapping represent the data flow between source and Target system. It is logically represented by linking the source definition and Target Definition by going through  zero or many various Informatica Transformations which is added as per the business need. Once the mapping is completed, it get stored in Informatica Repository Database. Integration Services uses this information to actually read, process and load data.

Informatica Mapping Example

Informatica Mapping Example

Informatica Mapping Component:

In Informatica, a Mapping consist of below component

  • Source Definition: It define the file/tables or system to be used as Informatica Source.
  • Transformation: It consists of various Informatica Transformations (such as expression, Lookup) which is used to modify/process data.
  • Target Definition: It defines the file/tables or system where data need to be loaded.
  • Links (or Connector): It define the connection between various transformation, source and target which defines the data movement between them.

An Informatica mapping can also contain one or more  Informatica mapplets. An Informatica mapplet is a set of transformations that you build in the Mapplet Designer and can use in multiple mappings. When you add an object to a mapping, you configure the properties according to the way you want the Informatica Server to transform the data. You also connect the mapping objects according to the way you want the Informatica Server to move the data. You connect the objects through ports. 

Informatica Mapping Designer view:

While working in Mapping, we can display the various objects as.

  • Iconized. Shows the object’s icon form only ( No Port details).
  • Normal. Shows the  object’s full picture with all input and output ports.
  • Edit. Shows the object’s properties.We can also edit the various port property also.

So in this tutorial, we gone through the basics of Informatica mapping and its component.

Updated: April 30, 2016 — 5:46 pm

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