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Informatica Interview question for Rank Transformation

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Collection of Informatica Interview question for Rank Transformation .We will go though some the the commonly asked Informatica Interview question with answer for Rank Transformation . Example Is Rank Transformation is Active or Passive? What is rank Cache in rank transformation in Informatica ? What  is TANK INDEX in Rank Transformation ?

Informatica Interview Question Rank Transformation

Informatica Interview Question Rank Transformation

Informatica Interview question for Rank Transformation

What is Rank Transformation ?

Ans :Rank transformation helps in filtering out the top/bottom set records per group as per business need.

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Is Rank Transformation Active or Passive ?

Ans :Rank transformation  is active transformation , as it changing the number of output record .

Is Rank Transformation Connected or Unconnected?

Ans :Rank transformation  is connected transformation.

What are type of port available in Rank Transformation?

Ans :

Number Required
Minimum of one
Input port. Create an input port to receive data from another transformation.
Minimum of one
Output port. Create an output port for each port you want to link to another transformation. You can designate input ports as output ports.
Not Required
Variable port. Can use to store values or calculations to use in an expression. Variable ports cannot be input or output ports. They pass data within the transformation only.
One only
Rank port. Use to designate the column for which you want to rank values. You can designate only one Rank port in a Rank transformation. The Rank port is an input/output port. You must link the Rank port to another transformation. Example : Salary port in Employee data can be used as Ranking port

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Which default port is added by Informatica designer in Rank Transformation?

Ans : RANK INDEX  port is added by default to contain the ranking of records.It can’t be edited.

What is RANK INDEX port in Rank Transformation?

Ans : RANK INDEX port is added by default  by Informatica designer for each Rank transformation. The Integration Service uses the Rank Index port to store the ranking position for each row in a group.

For example : In top salary example, RANK INDEX port will contain the rank of record under each group.
  • The RANK INDEX is an output port only.
  • We can pass the rank index to another transformation in the mapping or directly to a target.
  • We cannot delete or edit it.

What is rank cache in informatica ?

Ans : The integration service compares input rows in the data cache, if the input row out-ranks a cached row, the integration service replaces the cached row with the input row. If you configure the rank transformation to rank across multiple groups, the integration service ranks incrementally for each group it finds. The integration service stores group information in index cache and row data in data cache

How many port can be used for Ranking ?

Ans : Only 1 group can be used for Ranking, by checking option “R” for any single port. If you try to select other port for ranking , prev port will get unchecked for “R” option.

Informatica Interview question for Rank Transformation

Informatica Interview question for Rank Transformation

How many ports can be used for Grouping?

Ans :Zero or all group can be used for making group.

How to select ordering of Ranking port?

Ans : By selecting Top or Bottom from Top/Bottom tab in rank transformation properties.

Informatica Interview question for Rank Transformation

Informatica Interview question for Rank Transformation

How to select number of Top/bottom records?

Ans : By putting value in  “Number of Ranks” in rank transformation properties.

Difference between Sorter and Rank transformation in Informatica

Ans :

Sorter is used to Sort the data either ASC or DSC
Rank is used to arrange data from top or bottom Group by can be done using Rank
Sorter can be used to remove duplicates(Use Distinct ouptut)
We can remove duplicates using Rank
In sorter we cannot assign values to the ports
In rank we can assign variables and write non-aggregate expressions also.
In sorter the Integration Service uses Sorter Cache to perform the sort operation.
In Rank the Integration Service stores group information in an index cache and row data in a data cache.


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