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Informatica Architecture and components

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Informatica is gaining its popularity as ETL tool. We will be sharing series of article on Informatica Tutorial on this site. We started with brief introduction of Informatica Powercenter. In below article, we will go through basic informatica architecture.

Informatica Architecture

Informatica also know as Informatica PowerCenter is based on client-server architecture as shown in below figure.

Informatica Architecture

Informatica Architecture

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Informatica Powercenter Components

    1. Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools: Most of the Informatica developer is familiar with it. It is the desktop application installed on your PC, which you used to create mapping, session, workflow and running it.
      • Informatica Repository Manager: Main task of repository manager includes
        • Manage PowerCenter repository.
        • Manage User,permission.
        • Manage folder structure.
        • Use to define Source/Target Connection.
      • Informatica Designer: Main task of Designer includes
        • Create and Manage Source/Target component.
        • Create and Manage Mappings/Mapplet.
        • Create usable transformation.
      • Informatica Workflow Manager: Main task of WorkFlow Manager includes
        • Create and Manage reusable Task/Session.
        • Create and Manage reusable WorkFlow/Worklet.
        • Define run time properties of Session.
      • Informatica Workflow Monitor: Main task of Workflow Monitor includes
        • Execution and Monitoring of Task.
        • Check result of Completed Task.
    2. Informatica PowerCenter Repository: It contains the meta information of all source, target, mappings, session, workflow. While installing Informatica we have to give some DB details where it create Informartica Repository. Informatica Client tool and Informatica Server fetch this data from repository database.
    3. Informatica PowerCenter Server:
      It is the backend server which execute all the processes/task/workflow.Some of the major part includes.

      • Informatica domain: Its a logical unit to define management and administration of services in PowerCenter. We need to give a constant value while installing Informatica server.
      • Node: Its a logical representation of a machine under a domain. It is linked to a specific domain as defined during installation.
      • Informatica Services – It is a windows service that starts the all service Manager on a node for server.
      • Service Manager : It starts and stops the application services on a machine in a domain.
      • Integration Service: It is more related to Developer as it read workflow information from the PowerCenter repository, and runs sessions and workflows that perform the ETL Process .
      • Repository Service: It is used to manager connections to the PowerCenter repository.
      • Informatica Administrator:It is Web based application for managing the Informatica domain, PowerCenter user/roles group privileges, and the PowerCenter repository.

We have gone through Informatica Architecture and its various component like Informatica PowerCenter Client Tools , Informatica PowerCenter Repository and Informatica PowerCenter Server.

Updated: April 24, 2016 — 3:51 pm

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